Ordilan offers a variety of durable, high quality exotic woods for deck installations

  • Ipe wood

    Of all the wood species currently used for decking, Ipe is one of the highest qualities
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  • Cumaru wood

    One of the strongest, highest quality woods used for decking, grows mainly in South America and specifically in Brazil.
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  • Pine

    One of the most popular and common woods in Israel, used in a variety of ways, one of them being for wooden decking.
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  • Deck maintenance

    In recent years, wooden decks have become one of the most popular surfacing forms and today quite a few surfaces, both external and internal, are covered with a wooden deck. Any wooden deck, whether the particularly popular pine deck or a more luxurious wood deck such as an Ipe deck, always requires maintenance, treatment throughout the year and renewal, all according to the type of wood chosen and the deck’s location, either external or internal

  • Decks installation is divided into four main stages

    1. Laying foundations
    2. Installing the infrastructure
    3. Assembling the deck
    4. Finishing


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