One of the strongest, highest quality woods used for decking, grows mainly in South America and specifically in Brazil, from which most decking woods are imported to Israel. Its tones vary between brown and a reddish-brown and its texture is smooth and cohesive, unlike other woods. Like the Ipea, the Cumaru is also known for its strength and durability and is therefore especially durable to the elements, including rain, wind, and direct sunlight. The Cumero has natural antibodies which prevent rot and oxygenation, repelling pests and small animals that could harm it, and therefore it too is suitable for decking.

A Cumaru deck

In recent years, the Cumaru has gained popularity and many people have become aware of its many advantages. Both due to its natural resistance and strength and to its special look, the Cumaru is suitable for external decking, and anyone choosing a Cumaru deck can enjoy a durable wooden deck that needs little maintenance. Its unique, smooth texture makes it an excellent wood for those interested in a cohesive looking, smooth textured wooden deck. For that reason, Cumaru decks are known for their strength and durability, as well as their luxurious, unique look.