Israel’s largest range of dimensions and qualities from the world’s best suppliers

  • Construction timber

    1. Israel’s construction scope is large, with more than 50,000 new apartments a year. Demand constantly surpasses supply, which attests to the stability and size of the construction field
    2. We offer large and available inventories for all kinds of formworks and various wood types and dimensions for advanced construction
    3. We provide immediate provisions to construction sites according to need by a fleet of crane trucks
  • Pallets timber

    1. Almost every industry field uses pallets to transport products
    2. We provide a wide range of pallets timber according to market needs, with a variety of dimensions and qualities to best fit our clients’ requirements
  • Packaging timber

    1. The field of packaging is wide and our offering includes packaging timber for repeated local use, custom packaging for the military industries, as well as massive packaging and machine protection for expensive export equipment
    2. This area requires a wide range of extremely high qualities which we carry
  • Furniture timber

    The furniture industry uses whitewood – mainly for seating sets and interior doors


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