We provide an overall solution for the building’s molding array – from the simple wood level to sophisticated hydraulic systems

  • About the department

    The department focuses on supplying advanced construction solutions for casting regular concrete, architectural concrete and building access measures
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  • Walls casting solutions

    • Rasto – a lightweight modular mold used mainly for building safe rooms, concrete walls, staircases, elevator shafts, and columns
    • Manto – a heavy mold used for construction in high concrete loads such as unilateral walls, high columns etc.
    • Large area framework – the system is based on H beams, plywood, supports and various linking and strengthening fixtures
  • Ceilings casting solutions

    Topec – a lightweight modular mold made of aluminum and Tego

    The system is based on only two parts: a panel and a support column. The system is easily assembled and dismantled and forms an ultimate solution for casting large scale ceilings

    Variomax beams system – this system is based on H beams. The system is versatile and enables casting ceiling concrete in spaces of a varying geometric characterization

  • Climbing systems

    • Climbing system – a system that climbs using a crane, enables the construction of shafts as well as large concrete castings while climbing between floors without having to lower the molds to the ground, which improves the rate of construction
    • Self-climbing system – the system climbs independently without using a crane, enabling high work rate which shortens construction times
  • Support and access solutions

    Cuplok system – a support system based on steel columns with a special patent lock. Easy to operate and provides answers in supporting floors and beams of varying weights and heights.

    AluTOP system – the system is based on aluminum legs and support frames. The system is versatile and has an extremely low self weight. The system is meant to enable support of very high concrete loads at any given height.


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