Ipe wood

Of all the wood species currently used for decking, Ipe is one of the highest qualities.

Ipe (Tabebuia) is actually a certain kind of tree that grows mainly in Brazil. This is a very tall tropical tree that can reach more than 50 meters. The Ipe is one of the hardest and most durable trees in harsh climates, characterized by oiliness and density which give it its great strength.

Amongst its many attributes, Ipe is also known as a tree with natural resistance to pests. In fact, this tree’s natural habitat contains many pests and since it is highly dense and oily, pests find it hard to penetrate and harm it. Therefore, it doesn’t require an intense sterilization process – a procedure required by many other decking woods.

Since Ipe is one of the highest quality woods, it is also one of the most expensive and has gained popularity in Israeli architecture and design in recent years. Despite is higher cost compared with other woods; this is a worthwhile investment since it is an especially durable and strong wood.

An Ipe deck

Ipe is used mainly for decking and shading, and thanks to its great strength it is also known as an especially durable wood, which needs no sterilization. Furthermore, its high quality and beautiful appearance lasts a long time without eroding or requiring high maintenance costs.

Ipe decks are especially popular amongst those wishing to acquire a luxurious looking deck. An Ipe deck is known for its deep and smooth reddish-brown tone, it also has a cohesive look, with no “eyelets”, which enables the creation of unified, smooth looking decks.

Since this is one of the strongest decking woods, choosing an Ipe deck requires an experienced professional, since building an Ipe deck requires special tools and an appropriate base that could carry such heavy wood.

Thanks to its great strength, an Ipe deck is especially excellent for external use, including in sunny areas, and you can rest assured it will remain strong and beautiful for a very long time.