One of the most popular and common woods in Israel, used in a variety of ways, one of them being for wooden decking.

A pine deck

One of the reasons for the pine’s popularity as a decking wood is its low price, and currently it is the cheapest of the various available decks.
Pine is characterized by its light beige color, but its distinct advantage is its ability to take on any color by simple painting. Also, the sterilization process gives it a light greenish tone.

Unlike Ipe or Cumaru decks known for their long term durability, a pine deck changes its look due to weather damages in the long run and requires maintenance including re-staining, cleaning and oiling approximately once every two years.
However, this is a quality, pleasant and practical wooden deck which creates a cozy environment. A pine deck adjusts itself to any design and requirement and is excellent for those interested in a designed, rustic look.

Pine decks arrive sterilized, in sizes of 33/142 and 28/142 millimeters and in varying lengths – 3.00 – 6.00 meters.