Ordilan plans and produces industrial and agricultural pallets, boxes and packaging according to client specifications

  • Quality, service and savings

    Ordilan aspires to be a significant player in the wooden pallets industry, while translating its capabilities, activity scope and vast experience in wood import into the provision of quality products up to par with the high quality and service requirements Ordilan provides its clientele.

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  • Boxes department

    Ordilan manufactures wooden boxes according to client specification for industry and agriculture, such as onion containers, potato containers, peanut containers, fruit containers etc.

  • Cutting department

    The cutting department utilizes an automatic packages saw (HOLTEC) and an automatic saw (OMGA) which enable precision, uniform cutting even with large numbers of timber bundles

  • Machinery department

    Our automated manufacture machines department provides serial manufacturing of standard sized pallets. Three automated lines currently operate simultaneously to enable large scale pallets manufacturing

  • Manual production department

    Our manual production department uses advanced manufacturing methods to produce pallets in a wide range of irregular sizes and designs according to client requirements


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