Quality, service and cost savings – pallets and containers manufacture

Ordilan aspires to be a significant player in the wood pallets industry, while translating its capabilities, activity scope and vast experience in wood import into the provision of quality products up to par with the high quality and service requirements Ordilan provides its clientele.

The pallet plant specializes in manufacturing wood pallets and boxes based on quality wood and according to client requirements and specifications. Thanks to a seasoned, highly experienced development team, the plant awards its clients product development and improvement possibilities, while focusing on parameters such as quality, strength, visibility, appropriateness for the required activity and maximum cost savings. Plant management has made service its motto as part of an overall concept aiming to answer the client’s every need and requirement, while meticulously adjusting the manufacture process and inventory management necessary for providing the right product at the right time and the appropriate quality as part of a professional, fair and reliable purchase experience. The pallet plant has a quality control qualification under the ISO9001 certification, and qualification of the Ministry of Agriculture under the ISPM15 T certification.